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Ducati's of the 1970's were put together in this style....

We call it a "a happy go lucky, parts bin technology" what ever was in the parts bin that day, went on the bikes that day.... and what was in the parts bin could easily depend on which suppliers bills that had, or hadn't, been paid and what supplier provided the parts buyer the best work lunch with the best wine the week before!

Bikes in the same batch, with consecutive frame numbers could have a different spec...

I can't see a small Ferrari factory being much different!


There was a post on tomyang.net years ago where noted Ferrari restorer Francois Sicard (used to work at the factory in Maranello and then NART) had an entry in a concourse and the judges were fussing over the shade of yellow used to mark the suspension components, stating it did not look like the correct yellow Ferrari used. Story is that Francois got very agitated and responded that they sent apprentices to the hardware store for yellow paint when they ran out without a care as to what shade it was. This is from someone who was actually there, and I am sure no QC inspector was at the end of the line making sure the screw heads were in alignment.  I grew up in a restoration shop and when much younger disassembled and worked on many exotic vehicles, and there were many inconsistencies in parts and assembly from new. Especially in Italian and English vehicles. 

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On Sep 12, 2018, at 8:48 PM, Brian E. Buxton <BrianBuxton [at] BuxtonMotorsports.com> wrote:

Great note thanks for responding.  I have always wondered how anyone could possibly know every detail and nuance on every type of vehicle they are judging.  The "correct" shade of color or matte finish of the engine compartment or what the screw heads were supposed to look like in the door panel.  Half the time I think it's made up 

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On 9/12/18 4:46 AM, scott saidel wrote:
During my time on the Judge’s side of the clipboard, my concern was always in fighting a desire to try to make what I saw as very individual vehicles - alike.  One guy saw chrome on the hood of a California- now on all others it was “missing” - I disagreed and later found photos to support the the “full chrome” and covered headlights was not on all the cars.  Still a lot of judges seemed committed to some sort of universally in cars that were essentially each custom builds - varying not only in customer options but in what Enzo felt each car needed or what parts were or weren’t laying around. Still I am all for correct color hoses and ignition wires - even the pesky old Italian hose clamps.  

Sometimes- especially if you are going to drive the car, updates just make sense.  I once swapped out all the fuel lines in a ‘66 Lamborghini. Went to braided steel with aeroquip fittings. Went from constant leaks and potential fire to never a drop again. Looked cool too, but definitely not original.  To be judged seriously, you’d probably have to swap it all back out, but then it would be much scarier to drive. 

Still, if I were a judge, I’d take the points. 

I always saw my job as a judge as helping the people that were seeking perfection. Maybe their restorer didn’t know the difference between the early and late 60’s badges or when the ignition wires changed from black with red ends from red with white ends. Or that those are not the correct air valve caps for the borinnis.  For those people, I always thought that I was being helpful in pointing out what I saw as flaws or at least tried to point them in the right direction. Might have even been a little heavier handed, in that sense, with the garage queens vs the driven cars.  If you are going to treat it like a museum piece, you should be judged accordingly.  I’d be more likely to overlook a modification if it made the car safer or more drivable.  My attitude was based on the “safety belt” rule.  No penalty for adding - for example - a three point belt in a 60’s car.  Kudos, even, if it could be done well and made to blend into the interior.  In my mind driver safety is more important than originality. Not all judges agree. 


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On Sep 12, 2018, at 3:14 AM, Peter Rychel <dino308gt4 [at] hotmail.com> wrote:

Yes, I’ve heard of it. That’s too much for me. What next, taking air samples out of the tires to see if that’s original? The gas in the tank?




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I heard that in some concourses now, if 2 cars are both beautifully original and hard to split on points, original tyres can make a difference.  Apparently, there is some trade in really old tyres (date matched to the vintage of the car) and matching the original specs.  I guess you could trailer the car to the show site and ease off gently, hoping the air stays in those tyres for the day!  Anybody else heard this?


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I still have the original factory metric tires from my Testarossa. Of course, they’re on the factory wheels, which are up in my attic. But pristine. J



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It’s in an excellent, honest condition, but, it’s missing the emissions air pump and the fact they claim – with excitement – that it still has the original tires on the rims... Yikes. Even when I bought my GT4, it had the original XWXs and they were hard as hockey pucks. Had ZERO grip left and they were only 25 years old at that point. 41 year old tires on this? They could probably support the car without any air in them. Scary.




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