Re: 308 GT4 Clutch Service
From: Matt Boyd (
Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2018 05:57:59 -0700 (PDT)
Any updates?

On Sat, Sep 29, 2018 at 11:50 PM Robert Garven <rgarven [at]> wrote:

I replaced and serviced my clutch in 2002 on my 75 US GT4, now I will try it on my 74 Euro version. On my 75 I found that it had a mix of the stock and soft clutch kits on it. I replaced it with all original parts and it has been a dream. I have no free play on the 74 and the feel between both cars is night and day!  I hate the Ferrari soft clutch fix and want to tell the world!  Ha

I am still unhappy with the feel of the 74 and can see by the hole in the bell housing that there is no spring in there and it also has the later shaft and lever which I will attempt to replace if I can find the part. I will chronicle this here in case anyone else ever has to do this, and for me if I live long enough to do it again! (my last thread I cannot find and think it got lost in the great data loss!)

First up, I have all the nuts off but cant remember how I got the transfer gear cover off! I have a bunch of wooden wedges but the thing looks like it is on tight. Years ago I would have tried something horrendous but hope someone will come up with a sane suggestion. I wish they would have cast a tab in that you could tap it off but no luck. Any tricks

I used 3 bond on my last service and although it never leaks it is a nightmare to remove. I have no idea what the PO used on this but may try hylomar as Peter tells me he loves it so much. It is metal to metal so not sure if that works on that!

I am not sure what I will find in here and the bell housing so let the journey begin! I love these cars and want to make them happy!!!! Hopefully I cant do it with your help and sage advice.

As always thank you for your advice, and or suggestion in advance!


Here is a pic of the US & Euro for comparison, and the lever I want to replace with the stock splined shaft and arm! lots less going on on the early engine! BTW the 74 is #409 and the 75 410!

I am determined to drag the flist back to service related posts!!  Ha

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