Re: Bring a trailer 575
From: Peter Rychel (
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2018 20:17:16 -0700 (PDT)

I’m glad to hear the cover came off... Finally... Don’t be afraid to use that technique the next time!


I’d also like to say, was the inside of that assembly that clean when you took the cover off, or did you clean it up prior to taking the picture?




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From: Robert Garven <rgarven [at]>
Sent: Wednesday, October 24, 2018 11:02:05 PM
To: Peter Rychel
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Subject: Re: [Ferrari] Bring a trailer 575
hey I paid that for a GT4 and its coming apart already! 

Took lots of time but used wooden wedges near the filler hole to get the cover off, and
two single sided razor blades tapped lightly in at the top, no damage at all. To scared to use Peters heat treatment
near all that fuel, Im sure it would have worked best and if it had been in a detached garage 
I would have certainly tried it………

This engine is so early and different….. it even has the #89 stamped on all the gears and bell housing! I did this
in 2002 and forgot about everything I learned ……

will be calling Brian tomorrow!

On Oct 24, 2018, at 9:37 PM, Peter Rychel <dino308gt4 [at]> wrote:

For long term ownership, I’d still prefer to have an old fashioned manual instead of the F1. Single clutch trannys are too complex and DCT have too many computers (although I admit, they are very nice to drive. Shifts in auto mode are imperceptible).
The 2nd gear syncro issue was never too much a problem for my 308. The one that I had issues was forth gear and it was only when I had the tranny pan off and did some measurements that I found 4th gear was barely into the bath of oil! Only when I started to pour a bit more oil into the gearbox, 4th gear could be selected much easier (and previous tranny oil changes, I had followed the book in process and oil quantity). I would believe it for the fact that age and mileage (and throw in some early ownership years abuse) plays more into having issues than anything else.
An ex club member had a 550 Maranello for many years. Bought it brand new. He traded his Daytona and Testarossa in towards it! He really loved the car for the way it drove, but got tired of the “Ferrari” premium service regime and sold it. Bought a Ford GT and just loves that to bits (he drives it so much, it probably has the most mileage on it than any other).
$152K is a lot of money for a 15 year old car, but considering what the car is and what it sold for when new, the seller should be happy.
Not my cup of tea. I wouldn’t go newer or fancier than a manual 456 from Europe (certain countries were spec’d without airbags and that’s what I’d want. I don’t need to deal with any problems or faults with bags themselves or their ECUs that control them). Besides, the 456 is much more comfortable and has the rear seats. Plus, any 2+2 is cheaper than their 2 seater equivalent.
In the end, I’m sure Erik would say: It’s only money...
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Subject: [Ferrari] Bring a trailer 575

Go there and look for a 575 manual 
I’ve started a fight !


Scars are Tattoos with better stories !

If you have no enemies, you have no character !

Clyde Romero    

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