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Well, that's the other part which made no sense to me.  DMV issued the antique plates for the Spitfire, DMV issued the plates for the DD, why did they need yet *another* form from me, when all they had to do was check their own records?  I'm sure the cost of the additional form was much higher than merely checking a record....

I actually wrote a Letter to the Editor of the local paper about this, and made a snide remark about DMV's failure to appreciate the irony and "maybe that's *why* they work at the DMV...", but a colleague wisely recommended rewording that part - best to not piss off the DMV!  ;-)


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Really? Here in BC, we have a central agency that handles vehicle registration AND insurance (third party liability insurance mandatory, collision/comprehensive optional...). We have the same requirements for our collector and antique vehicle registrations, that they be used only for “pleasure” purposes and not used as a daily driver (although technically, no restrictions on HOW often you can drive the car. You could drive the car 365 days a year, just as long as you don’t drive it to work or school [makes sense because that’s when the most accidents happen]. There was one year I put more mileage on my 308 than my DD!). You MUST have another vehicle for daily driving before an Antique/Collector registration is approved, but no notarization is needed. Why? Because of this central agency, they just look up what other vehicles you already own and what they’re registered as!




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Peter - agree, this instance was unique and she does deserve a promotion.  But I have another story more in line with yours....

When I got the antique plate for my former Spitfire, DMV sent me a form to "certify" that I had another car, not on antique plates, to use as a daily driver (antique plates are not intended, nor allowed, for daily use).  Form said it needed to be notarized.

So I took the form, all filled out, back to the DMV.

Lady (different from promotion-deserving lady) behind the counter - "You need to have this notarized."

Me - "Well, here's my DMV-issued driver's license."

Her - "No, you have to have it notarized."

Me - "But all they're going to do is ask to see my driver's license then stamp the form.  Can't we cut out the middle-man here?"

Her - "No, you have to have it notarized."

SMH.  The irony was completely lost on her.

Michael - here in Virginia, personalized plates are dirt cheap.  It's around $50US for annual registration fee, and $10 for the personalized plate.  And I can go online and buy a new plate anytime I want.  You see personalized plates everywhere here.  When I lived in NY in the '80's, a personalized plate was over $50 - in addition to the regular registration fee.

Doug - clearly, your DMV person was unaware that the 17 digit VIN didn't start until 1980.  Wow.  I've never had *that* problem - with the Spitfire, the 308 or the old Jag....  Takes all types, eh?

Tangent - I saw Primus open for Rush once.  Good, but I confess I really didn't know any of their music.  Search youtube and you'll find a neat video made at Steward Copeland's house (Police drummer) with Les Claypool of Primus, some other guy whose last name starts with "C", and Neil Peart.  Yes, they went by "CCCP".  Hahahaha!!


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