Re: Ok I am not being crass, but....
From: Matt Boyd (
Date: Wed, 2 Sep 2020 05:47:00 -0700 (PDT)
I won't speak to the Porsche at all, but will speak to the matching numbers.

I have no justification for what I'll say, it's just personal preference, but for me if someone were trying to sell me a Ferrari or Rolls-Royce/etc that had a transplanted Chevy V8, I would not like that car as much. The engine doesn't match.

Take that one notch down, and if someone were to offer me one of those cars with a more modern version of the same manufacturer's engine, I'd still be put off a bit. I might get excited if, for example, someone put a Daytona motor in a Ferrari 308, but generally I would rather have the right type of motor in the car instead of a replacement.

Take that yet another notch down, I'd prefer to have the motor that was put in my car still in my car. If someone were selling me a car that had the proper type motor in it, but it was from a donor car because something had happened to the original motor, I might be ok with that but I'd vastly prefer that the original motor were in my car. Why? I don't know, it just sits better with me. I like everything to be as it was when original.

In my 57 Chevy, when I retored it I took out the 2 bbl carb and replaced with a 4 bbl, but later I changed my mind and put the 2 bbl with oil bath air cleaner back on it. On my 39 Rolls, I reluctantly went from points to a Pertronix electronic ignition, but I paid the guy helping do the conversion extra $$ to make it fully reversible without having to pull the distributors out. I still carry my points plates with me and could literally do the switch on the side of the road if an ignition module went out. I bought an overdrive unit for my Rolls that I can -- in a weekend -- take back out (I still have the original driveshaft). On my 308, I could buy a replacement 308 motor for less than the cost of a rebuild, but I'm holding out and saving $$ for a rebuild because I want to put that motor back in.

That said, I still have in the back of my mind dropping the right Euro 328 motor into my car, maybe upgrading ignition systems, upgrading the climate control, etc. to make it a bit more usable, etc.

People have competing preferences and priorities, it's not black and white.

'85 euro 308

On Wed, Sep 2, 2020 at 8:28 AM Clarence Romero Jr. <clyderomerof4 [at]> wrote:
Ok so those of you on the list who know me or don’t know and have knowledgeable facts
Why is this car priced so high?
It has no a/c, it would be crushed in a light accident, no abs, no power to speak of
I know I must be missing something here 
So educate me please 
To me the car is a Chevy cosworth Vega, 
And one more thing
What’s with matching numbers?
What’s the fascination with that?
I am all ears 

Have a good Labor Day weekend 
Looking forward to the answers guys
Because I’ve been around cars a long time and when I buy one I just want it to work!


Scars are Tattoos with better stories !

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Clyde Romero    

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