Re: Now wrong engine!
From: Robert Garven (
Date: Thu, 3 Sep 2020 12:04:50 -0700 (PDT)
Doug, your just trying to make me feel better. I know my original engine is in a boxes in a 
garage in the alps (?), after I win the lottery, or you guys all buy our album I will go get it!  HA
or maybe already melted down for new engines!

On Sep 3, 2020, at 12:11 AM, Douglas Anderson <dnt [at]> wrote:

DANG Rob – that’s the cleanest “wrong” engine I have ever seen.  In essence, it is only the block that is affected.  All the other 308 gt4 stuff gets hung on that.
Matching numbers is at best boring.  Oh I’d like to keep the engine in at least the family model year – don’t get me wrong – but if your engine block was/is at least the same model year – what the heck.  I believe some GTB/S engines in the early 70’s had some problems which necessitated rebuilding VERY early on and under warranty.  Some by factory, some by paid secondary, and some . . . ?
Race cars.  It’s like the 1970’s Porsche 917 race cars that are selling today for multi millions.  Matching numbers – phooey.  Picture this – 1967 or 68 (?) Riverside Raceway and the CanAm.  Porsche was racing an open 917.  As I watched the car in the garage I spied the techs tool box and it had a whole raft of serial plates glued to his tool box inside cover.  I asked what those were.  Oh, when we get a replacement frame I take a screw driver and pop the serial plate for a souvenir.  Ahhhh – so much for matching numbers.  Name me one non-factory car that’s been handed down 3 or 4 generations that has original: Engine, trans, frame, fenders wheel brakes etc etc etc.  and does that hurt the price?  Apparently not.  A nice 917 will sell for between 20 and 40 million. But as the say – “that’s racing.”
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Whose fancy GT4 has the wrong engine!  HA  :-(
I can only surmise it was switched in Italy before being imported to the US it is supposed to be
On Sep 2, 2020, at 8:33 PM, Peter Rychel <dino308gt4 [at]> wrote:
My take on the matching numbers requirement is along the same lines as low mileage. The buyer can get an idea that the car would probably have lead an easy, well-maintained life if the original motor is still in the car. Just as if there’s a reasonable amount of miles on the odometer, it hasn’t been driven into the ground.
But, as you’ve shown, there’s nothing wrong with high mileage. You’ve done all of the required maintenance and I’m sure, preventative work as well, to keep it going strong all of that distance.
People forget, if the car was built on a Monday morning after a long weekend holiday, mistakes can happen and definitely engines have blown up and get replaced. Even if that replacement engine isn’t with the car anymore, if documentation can support the switch, a buyer should still rest assured.
I’ve heard/read stories that if you were able to go to the factory service center in Modena, Ferrari kept old, rebuilt motors “on the shelf” with their serial numbers shaved down to be re-stamped with the car’s number it was going into. Decades later during accurate restorations, it’d only be found out of this switch when the secondary, “numero interno” number didn’t match with what has been recorded (and which matches a similar, era-correct model).
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Subject: [Ferrari] Ok I am not being crass, but....
Ok so those of you on the list who know me or don’t know and have knowledgeable facts
Why is this car priced so high?
It has no a/c, it would be crushed in a light accident, no abs, no power to speak of
I know I must be missing something here 
So educate me please 
To me the car is a Chevy cosworth Vega, 
And one more thing
What’s with matching numbers?
What’s the fascination with that?
I am all ears 
Have a good Labor Day weekend 
Looking forward to the answers guys
Because I’ve been around cars a long time and when I buy one I just want it to work!


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Clyde Romero    
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