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OK OK – go back a few years . . . . um, like 50 to 1970.  And the Porsche – Ferrari Road and Track articles or what ever.


Porsche did there thing with VW and came out with the 914 four cylinder and priced it so . . . . get this . . . . girls could afford it.

At the same time Ferrari came out with a new Ferrari . . . uhhhh, no, it was a Dino.  A “Dino”?  and for the Hoi Polloi who thought “Named after Fred Flintstones pet dinosaur?”


What a catch.  No prancing Ferrari horse, no “Ferrari” script no where – just Dino.  Yawn.  Six cylinders?  Ah well, this is Ferrari’s equivalent to Porsche’s “914” – ah well.


Then Porsche built the 914-6.  Yeah, not at the VW factory, but at the Porsche factory.  Five wheel lugs, ignition key on the quintessential left hand side, and the car was, well, the closet thing you could get to a race car on the street.  Very close to the ground, very low polar moment of inertia with its mid engine that weighed about the same as a Chevy 327.  But unlike the (Ferrari) Dino – the Porsche 914 looked like hell.  Very Cherman utility first looking.  And try to change a fan belt on one with it’s pulley 1 inch from the fire wall or for that matter – timing.  Yeah timing was done for that motor at 6,000 rpm with your head in the engine compartment while lying on the trunk.  Long hair verboten.


Another down side with VW building the 914-4 was the Euro badging for Euro cars – “Volkswagen(VW)Porsche”.  The name got shortened to just Vo Po – um, just a bit too close the smiling East German Volkspolizei or Vopo.


No doubt about it though – the Dino 246 is one fine looking well balanced in sight and sound car and since there is a finite number available . . . they are priced out of sight.






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Ferrari adhered to my favorite decree:


“When in doubt, build it stout, with materials you know about”


The wall thickness of that oval chassis tubing is quite thick and there’s a substantial amount used to build that platform, not including the rest of the support structure for the body work and suspension. Also, the 246’s body was mostly steel nearly doubling the weight over the 206’s alloy panels.


It all adds up and I’m not surprised it’s pushing close to that amount. I keep meaning to bring my GT4 down to the local truck weigh station and getting a certified weight for the car. I would bet it’d tip over 3K lbs.




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Doug, you mention the fascination with the Dino 246?

While it is nice to look at, it is also chunky at 2800 lbs?

Always wondered why a car that small was so heavy.

The Lancia Stratos on the other hand...

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