Ferrari Roma preview
From: Peter Rychel (
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 2020 21:03:38 -0700 (PDT)

So I got an invitation from our dealer (Ferrari of Vancouver) to view the new Roma. No test drives, just a showing.


As always, the cars look better in person than they do in pictures and it’s another example that they look better in a color other than red.


It’s an interesting mix of fussy details and smooth, unadorned shapes. Rear ¾ profile is a dead-ringer for the Jaguar F-Type (maybe a little more muscular than the Jag). Interior is a step in the 21st century with touch-screen everything. The gear selector switches in the center console mimic a shifter gate, which, if they’re trying to appeal to a younger generation, may not “get it”.


Although it couldn’t be driven, the “key” was in it and the salesman said I could start it up (via a touch-screen illuminated button in the center of the steering wheel). It sounded really nice and was more aggressive than my friend’s GTC4 Lusso V-8.


One thing that I found curious and was pointed out by my friend as it’s featured on his car were the wheel wells. They are lined with a fuzzy, flocked material, almost like fleece. I’m sure it’s for sound-deadening. My friend hates it as it collects every single bit of dirt and debris.






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