Electric Goodies for 308's - 365 - 400 -512
From: Douglas Anderson (dntdock.net)
Date: Sun, 6 Jun 2021 08:10:04 -0700 (PDT)

Electric goodies for 308’s and some other 70’s and 80’s:


  1. Paul Bennett’s electric diagrams (included: 100 OM’s)


Fuse stuff:

  1. Birdman euro barrel fuse to glass fuse


  1. Classic Retrofit fuse panel . . . euro barrel fuse to new style blade fuse.




Skip the ad and Go to minute 2.41


Classic Retrofit

The old Forge

Mayfield ENG TN20 6JN




PS 308, 365, 400 and 512  owners – if you haven’t already – MUST obtain Paul Bennett’s down load.

BEAUTIFUL color wire diagram; owners manuals; other stuff.  See previous posts cr 6/5

pbennett [at] paul-bennett.com


Got that many years ago.  Too reasonable.  Thanks Paul.

Thanks for the reference Sir Rob, Ventura Ferrari Museum Curator.





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