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Isopropyl alcohol? Methanol? Hmmmm.  Sure beats aniline dye (monomethylaniline), – that stuff is a protein dissolver and YOU are protein.  “Octane 102” ruined our internal gas sponge in the RSR racing tank.  Broke the sponge up into little pieces and clogged everything.  Got half lap on the warm up.  That’s after I left Daddy Big Buck’s racing team.



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I know that alcohol helps my performance😂..... And I've also watched a vehicle pass with flying colors after dumping a couple gallons of isopropyl alcohol in a mostly drained tank....


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I’ve heard the same over the years…. Never seen it, but heard it from viable sources. 


I’m sure Herr Doktor Chemist will correct me if wrong, but methyl hydrate is methanol.   Should be easy to obtain.  


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