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From: Peter Rychel (
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2021 20:57:06 -0700 (PDT)

The only LED lights I’ve installed in my dashboard were the two long ones that illuminate the panel on either end, specific for the GT4. They actually used green tinted barrel tungsten-filament bulbs which I’m sure are near next to impossible to find nowadays, so this was a preventative measure. I swapped them out for conventional white LED barrel bulbs and just used green photo light gels in the correct colour, glued to the backside of the light bezels.


The small gauges use E10 screw base bulbs, so these should fit:


The Tach/Speedo use T5 wedge base bulbs, so these should fit:


I can’t vouch for either of these as I’ve never bought them. The links are only for reference.


Keep in mind, these LED bulbs may not be dimmable, so just bypass your dimmer switch (which that alone, helps boost the brightness of the original tungsten-filament bulbs. Try that first). A bypass wire can be made with two male blade connectors on either end and that plugs into the switch wires:












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From: Michel Savard
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Subject: [Ferrari] LED bulbs in 308


In 2016, I used 2 white 1156  50mm (Hamist S25) LED bulbs for the licence plate lights. These were very small. Maybe it’s the same size for the gauges in the dashboard.
For the clock, I put one LED 1ww BASE BA9S 12v. This one is very small too.
I need to know if anybody has any information because the car is at the garage for something else. My mechanic has never done the switch for LED on a 308. So, he told me to find the right bulbs and bring them to him.

Michael Savard (1981 308 GTSi)
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