Re: Voltage on 308 Wire for Oil Pressure Gauge/Sender
From: Peter Rychel (
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2021 21:35:15 -0700 (PDT)

What’s the voltage when the engine is running? Probably still a big difference. That amount of voltage drop tells me there’s got to be a lot of corrosion at the various connector terminals along that circuit(s). In a perfect world, if it were a direct line from power source to the device, you should have the same voltage value at the end of that line. Every interruption you make (via a connector), you can create a problem like this if you have corrosion in the mix (corrosion caused by the dissimilar metals of the terminals and copper wire, electricity and 30+ years exposure to fallout from the air we breathe).


Or, you say you have 12V at the fuse. That’s where, when power goes in, or how about when it leaves the fuse box? You can get MASSIVE power drops from weak rivets holding the tabs together in those boxes. Current rises, voltage drops, heat builds...




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Subject: [Ferrari] Voltage on 308 Wire for Oil Pressure Gauge/Sender


Has anyone ever made a measurement of the voltage for the Oil Pressure gauge
sender? This is the lead below the intake plenum that feeds the sender unit.
I have 12 V at the fuse
terminal B voltage feed line which powers the Oil Pressure gauge and switch,
but only 7.2V at the sender wire on top of the engine (grey/black)with the
sender disconnected, so no load from the sender. I am surprised that the
voltage is so low. Getting to the back of the gauge is a nightmare and I get
the same 7.2 volts on one of the connectors (unmarked) below and to the left
of the steering wheel column.



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