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Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2021 21:07:15 -0700 (PDT)

I just used sandwich bags to cover the entire top of the carb. See, if you use tape and just cover the trumpets, the air corrector/main jet and choke openings are still exposed, allowing dust to enter. The bags cover everything.


Or, just remove all four carbs and tape over the intake manifolds.


As for your photos and posts disappearing, I’ve noticed you attach photos at high-rez size. The files therefore are in the mb range and I think this overwhelms the server. Try to resize your photos into the kb range (1000 px width @ as low as 72 dpi) and it should go through no prob.




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Even though I'm getting older and I didn't think I could do it I got my car up on the jackstands.  I'm getting ready to change the timing belts.

Considering my snail pace I was wondering does anyone have a good solution for covering up the carbs so stuff doesn't get in there. I've seen people use tennis balls, etc.  right now I just have some clothes laid over each one but they don't totally seal around the edges. I know a few of you do your own work so I may need to ask some questions as I go along.


To get my cam belt covers off I had to take out all the studs that hold it onto the engine. I got them out but does anyone have any tricks for removing the studs???




I was looking through my photos over the years to see how I did this before and I was astounded to see all the work I've done on this car.  I have over 10,000 photos amazingly sometimes possibly like the Italians paying attention to some small little bit of detail while leaving some major bit undone. 



Sorry to change the topic from the Filipino hooker…..



I sent a bunch of posts to the list but it seems if I generate a new post it never makes it through. I thought it was because I added photos but then sent some without??




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